About Mark Rowe the artist

Born in 1961 in Middlesex, Mark Rowe’s childhood was spent surrounded by film and theatre. His father, Bill Rowe was director of Post Productions at Elstree Film Studios, which from an early age created the ideal environment to ignite Marks interest in the arts. He was educated in London from which he went on to train in the performing arts, where he achieved his diploma in acting.

Naturally artistic and keen to extend his talents, in 2003, Mark began to create illustrative prints by a combination of freehand drawing pictures and then scanning them onto a computer to be manipulated and coloured to produce a final composition saved as a digital artwork. 

Marks obvious love of film, theatre and the entertainment industry as a whole has heavily influenced his work with some 90 artworks to date.

Mark has divided his exciting and outstanding work into two separate galleries. The first consists of Open Edition prints and canvases, whilst the second gallery is dedicated to Limited Edition signed art prints and canvases.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please email or phone.

Call: 01634 575826

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